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Due Date

So here we are, 40 weeks. A pregnancy milestone most people expect to reach. A milestone some people take for granted. A milestone that for me, feels surreal. One that I thought I’d reach last time, ... READ the POST

Pregnancy After Stillbirth

I can’t hold it in (my excitement or my tummy) ANY longer… James and I are SO excited to announce to the world that we’re expecting baby #2 due early Feb. My period was about a minute ... READ the POST

My Missing Link

There’s a certain type of love that I think we all crave in this lifetime. A love that mends a broken heart, a love that fills a void. A love that comforts us, a love that feels like home. A love that ... READ the POST

The Truth About Mental Illness

I know what you’re thinking… Another blog about anxiety… “12 Steps to blah blah”. *eye roll*. Well, it is another blog about anxiety, but I can’t give you 12 Steps to anything. Because when you’re ... READ the POST

Marriage, The Lesson’s So Far

My first year of marriage was really fucking hard. There, I said it. With 2 family cancer diagnoses, the loss of my beloved nan and the devastating loss of our Son, our marriage almost didn’t make ... READ the POST

My (Still) Birth Story

On the eve of my Son’s first birthday, I should be baking a cake. I should be laying out his outfit for his big day and I should be wrapping his present and writing in his card. I should be ... READ the POST

How I Cured My Endometriosis

It’s not every day you see me in my knickers but when it’s something I’m so passionate about, I’ll make an exception. Almost 5 years ago, after experiencing crippling pain during sex completely out ... READ the POST

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