Some stand out books that have propelled me forward on my journey to better health, a more meaningful life & even one that I feature in.

Woman Code – By Alisa Vitti

I read this book at EXACTLY the right time. Does anyone else do that?

After finding out I had endometriosis and being told “We don’t know the cause and there is no cure”, I went in search of some answers. A few months down the rabbit hole and I found Alisa Vitti.

ANY woman should read this book, to better understand how her cycle works (with the moon, your hormones, your physical activity, your diet and sex life!), but in particular, it’s a must read for any woman suffering from PCOS (like Alisa used to) or Endometriosis (like I used to).

Quit PMS – By Lauren Geertsen

This is a really good starting point for anyone in the early stages of their journey to better health.

It’s such an easy read that I highly recommend this to any teenagers as well, who may be suffering from hormonal acne or challenges.

Another must read for PCOS or Endo sufferers.

Becoming Brave – By Katie Dean

Look, Mum, i’m in a book!!! Page 333 to be exact!!!

Katie Dean is a wordsmith, anxiety warrior and all round cool chick.

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