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Throwing foodPurposefully throwing food can happen for a number of reasons. Your little one may be communicating that: – they are finished – they don’t want that food on their plate because they do not want to eat it or for it to touch their other food – they are practising their newly found understanding of cause and effect A great strategy to minimise the food throwing is implementing a “No, thank you” plate. Your little one has their eating plate in front of them and within their reach is a “No, thank you” plate. If you see your little one move to throw their food, put your hand over theirs and move it to the “No, thank you” plate and say, “No, thank you.” For older little ones who begin to throw, you could try saying, “You can put that on your “No, thank you” plate.” A great way to practise this, is with pretend food or with unprepared food (whole oranges/cucumbers etc). Set yourself and your little one up with two plates each, explain that one is for our meal and one is for food I’m learning to like and no, thank you I don’t want that on my plate today/tonight. Put a number of pretend foods on you plate and model by picking up a food and saying, “No, thank you, I don’t want you on my plate, you can go on my no, thank you plate.” Your little one will pick this up quickly by learning this concept through play and it allows them to learn without the pressure of real food if they find meal times difficult. Big tip, make the “No, thank you” plate a specific plate that you rarely use, because hell have no fury like a preschooler being served up their meals on the “No, thank you” plate 😂.

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How to Bring More Love into Your Life It’s simple, really. So simple that most people overlook it. Be more loving. Give more love to everyone around you. When you feel low on love, take tiny steps to show even one person in your sphere more love. The catch is, you have to go first. I was driving in rush hour in LA and I was dodging traffic through an alley. A woman was backing her car out and I thought she might not see me and would hit me. So I honked my horn. She lost it and leaned out her window to yell and swear at me to go around her, etc. Then she sped off. I caught up with her at the light and rolled down my window. I told her that I wanted her to know that I wasn’t honking because I was impatient, that it was a “courtesy honk," and that I wanted to make sure she saw me. Her face softened and she held up her hand in peace. I smiled at her and then she suddenly broke, saying that her cat had been at the vet’s for three days and was near death. She teared up and apologized to me. I said that I totally understood (this was a long traffic light) and I’d been exactly where she is (with less than exemplary verbal conduct in my car…) I don’t always take the high road in encounters like this. And it blossomed into this beautiful moment. We bonded. Over her going ballistic. Then we both drove off with more open hearts. Love is the most powerful weapon you have. How many times have you lashed out at someone because you had another, more serious issue, lurking beneath the surface? If you keep yourself centered in love, and remember that love is the answer to pretty much everything, you can turn almost any situation around. The Law of Karma is very exacting. If you can fill your days with even a few small gestures of giving, you’ll up the love quotient in your life. This applies to strangers, acquaintances, to your lover and your family. Sometimes it’s extending just a little more patience to your child, or a little more compassion to your lover. Sometimes it's a deep breath before you speak. All it really takes is a choice. To be more loving. And to embody more love. And it all comes back to you. Image: @solar_return

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Gosh women are hard on themselves, especially in regards to childbirth and mothering. I want to wrap my arms around every new mother and tell her that she did the best she could possibly do birthing her babe, with the care, education, support, personal history and body she was given. No mother goes into childbirth and doesn’t care enough to give it everything she has, even if that means having an elective caesarean. Childbirth is such a complex process involving hundreds of factors and it’s so unhelpful to compare one birth with another. The beautiful Laura of @link_and_luna had emotional trauma to carry into her birth, after the loss of her first son only a year earlier. This trauma was never going to fall by the wayside, it was always going to play a part in how her second birth unfolded. But what I saw the day her son Finnick was born, was just what I see at every birth, a mother doing EVERYTHING she can to bring her baby safely into the world. Thinking through options, asking questions, making informed decisions, working hard for what was in her control and surrendering to what was not. If you are carrying any guilt or regret from your birth I recommend you go to her page and have a read of how she’s finally coming to a place of acceptance, and then I plead with you to CELEBRATE your triumphs (I know there were some) and FORGIVE your unrealised ideals. ❤️❤️❤️ #mothersareamazing #womenareamazing #forgiveyourself

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Liver Following on from my first foods post! Liver is the best source of almost ALL known nutrients – nature’s most powerful superfood! The University of California’s Berkeley Wellness website states “Ounce for ounce – liver is probably more nutritious than any other food.” Liver is PACKED with vitamin A, very high in iron (with a powerful combination of folate, iron and B12), B vitamins (especially B12) zinc, copper, brain-building choline, anti-inflammatory omega-3s, rich in antioxidants, serotonin-making tryptophan and so much more! However, the key to getting all these benefits from liver is to consume the right kind – liver derived from organic, grass fed or pasture raised animals. I personally would avoid eating organ meat from animals if it didn’t come from this source It’s an amazing food to eat if you are low in iron, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive (as it’s so high in folate, iron, protein and other key nutrients for reproductive health) and for your baby! So where do you start? Any liver is fine to eat (I would avoid pork) but the most popular and easily accessible are chicken, beef and fish (such as cod liver oil which I will discuss tomorrow). Chicken has the mildest taste so it is a good introduction to liver if you haven’t had it before. How – personally I store mine in the freezer and grate it (frozen) on-top of warm vegetables or purées or egg yolk which will cook it! You can also grate some into meals you are preparing for the family and they will never know (eg spaghetti bowl). Liver can also be sautéed in ghee (for under 1 year) or organic butter! Hide liver in meatballs and it’s barely noticeable 🙂 Or you can make liver pate – I’ve attached the recipe that I follow in the next slide! Pate is a delicious introduction to liver ❤️ Jamie Oliver makes an amazing one too which is good for when introduced dairy! Image via Pinterest

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